Botox Houston Is it a Cosmetic Procedure or a Surgical Procedure? 

Most people hesitate to go under the knife and opt for any kind of surgery voluntarily. We tend to particularly hesitant when it has to do with cosmetic procedures. However you should know that Botox Houston procedures are not surgery at all. Though Botox procedures are performed by some of the finest plastic surgeons in Houston, they are completely non-invasive and safe, and are a great way to look younger and more attractive.

Botox Houston is a non invasive procedure

Other anti aging procedures such as facelifts, cheek lifts, eyelid procedures, cheek implants and nose jobs are surgical processes and are invasive in nature. They require administration of anesthesia, incisions to be made in the skin and suturing so that recovery takes quite some time. Botox however is completely non invasive. 

Botox Houston procedures are just a series of simple injections that help to relax the muscles of the face. When the muscles relax the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the skin’s surface reduce, making one look visibly and significantly younger. 

What to expect from a Botox Houston procedure

One of the most common noninvasive cosmetics performed by Plastic surgeons in Houston is the Botox procedure. Not only are these highly trained professions who are leaders in their chosen field, they are also very widely experienced, having performed numerous such procedures previously. A highly trained eye will instantly be able to gauge what would be the best option for you and where on the face where the Botox injections will be most effective.

A highly experienced professional will quickly understand what exactly you expect from your Botox Houston treatment. If they find that your expectations are unrealistic or if they find that there are other reasons why Botox is not the right option for you, they will advise you accordingly. It is a mark of some of the best plastic surgeons in Houston, that they will honestly advise you about the suitability or unsuitability of a given cosmetic procedure.



Botox Houston – How it helps

Botox helps to smooth the fine lines and wrinkles on the face, making the skin appear smoother, younger and fresher. The skin looks more toned and the pores appear less obvious than before. Frown lines, crow’s feet, the lines that bracket the mouth - plastic surgeons in Houston can target all these problem areas.

Since Botox Houston is noninvasive in nature, there is no downtime. You don’t have to check into a hospital, you don’t have to take any time off and even the pain is minimal. Botox procedures are often called ‘lunch time procedures’ because of how little time they take, and how convenient they are.

The best part about Botox Houston is this is a very discreet procedure – unlike surgery where you will typically have swelling, redness and bruising and will take significant time for recovery. While with surgery you typically will have to admit to a bunch of people that you had work done, with a Botox procedure, no one need be any wiser to the fact that you went in for an anti aging procedure.

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